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Basketball Team Management Sim

Racing Team Manager

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NEW Mega Mall Story2 (3/17)[ไทย]
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Kairo News

Nov.: Basketball Club Story released
Sep.: Mega Mall Story2 released
Aug.: Kingdom Adventurers released

These apps work on compatible
handsets running Android OS.

Kingdom Adventurers(FREE)

Become the ruler of your own kingdom.
A monster-fighting sim game!

Basketball Club Story

Slam dunk your way to victory!
Coach a world-class team!

Mega Mall Story2

Increase your popularity and build some serious buzz!
Win over customers and build a shopping paradise!

Silver Screen Story

Lights! Camera! Action!
Your silver screen adventure starts here!

Social Dev Story(FREE)

Non-stop hurtle-to-the-top game developer,
become the sensation of this generation!

Pool Slide Story

Water park simulation game!
Create the best water-themed amusement park!

Dream Town Story(FREE)

Build the town of your dreams
that its residents will love!

Grand Prix Story2(FREE)

Enjoy racing at your own pace
in this racing team management simulator.

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Pocket Arcade Story DX  Cafeteria Nipponica SP  Biz Builder Delux SP

Dungeon Village

Build a flourishing RPG town that warriors
and merchants alike will flock to!

The Ramen Sensei 2(FREE)

Free, expanded Ramen Sensei!
Wow the whole world with your ramen!

Home Run High

Ready to play ball?
Hit it out of the park!

Shiny Ski Resort

Come, wintersport lovers!
A brand new ski resort awaits!

8-Bit Farm

Open up your farm for agritourism,
and draw in visitors with dozens
of farm animals and other attractions.

Magician's Saga(FREE)

Defeat pesky foes with powerful magic!
Find allies and embark on quests together!

Pocket Stables

Manage a ranch while training
your racehorses to race for a Triple Crown.

Mega Mall Story

Design a towering mall of mega proportions.
The ultimate mall, at the touch of your finger.

World Cruise Story

Build your own luxury cruise liner
and travel the world!

The Sushi Spinnery

Bring the freshest fusion of fishy
fare to your very own sushi bar!

Biz Builder Delux

Take to the town with a business battle plan,
building the stores YOU want to make it big!

Ninja Village

Develop your ninja clan into
an army fit for a shogun!

Pocket Harvest

Grow the ultimate farm from the ground up-- complete with tours and hot air balloons!

Station Manager

Embark on a wild ride to build
Ithe country's number one train station!

Pocket League Story

Make your invincible soccer team with the best training, sponsors, coaches, and players!

March to a Million

Manage singers and create
platinum-selling, all-time hits!

Pocket Academy

Make your dream school
in this management simulation game!

The Manga Works

Grow from a 4-panel artist into a beloved
series author, and release your own manga.

FREE Legends of Heropolis

Create Heropolis from the ground up.
Battle Evilcorp and help justice prevail!

FREE Skyforce Unite!

Explore the World in Fighter Planes! Customize your Aircraft and Dominate the New World!

--Now completely free!--
FREE High Sea Saga

Command the ultimate pirate crew,
carving a legend with your cutlass!

Tennis Club Story

Run your own fantasy tennis club!
Train stars to win the Grand Slam!

Pocket Arcade Story

Build your very own gaming paradise
Attract customers with coin games
and photo booth

Venture Towns

Build and run your very
own urban dreamland!

Grand Prix Story

Manage your own racing team
and win the Grand Prix!

Cafeteria Nipponica

Manage your very own restaurant!
It's smiles all around the table!

Oh! Edo Towns

Build the best samurai town
in all of medieval Japan!

Anime Studio Story

Animate the hit show of the century
as the animaestro extraordinaire!

Wild Park Manager

Nature, entertainment facilities, and animals!
Build up your park.

Hot Springs Story

Build and manage the ultimate Japanese hot springs inn in this one-of-a-kind simulation from Kairosoft.

Thrift Store Story

Pre-loved goods store management sim!
Discover hidden treasures, make big bucks!

Quest Town Saga(FREE)

Go out on an adventure
and build a fantastic town!

Pocket Academy ZERO(FREE)

Help your students succeed
and make your school famous!

The Ramen Sensei
Run your own ramen shop! Use your noodle to craft the ultimate recipe from a vast array of ingredients!

Dream House Days
Design a dream home where
dreams come true!

Bonbon Cakery
Concoct recipes in your own pastry shop,
and let your success rise like the noble souffle!

Pocket League Story 2
FREE sequel to the hit soccer sim!
Supercharged with new features like penalty shootouts and online play!

Beastie Bay
Develop a deserted island
and collect rare monsters!

A bargain at just USD 2.99!

Fish Pond Park
Build the nation's #1 nature spot
from the ground up! Kick back and
fish to your heart's content!

Magazine Mogul
Help your community grow through
the power of the press!

The Pyraplex
Build a towering pyramid the
whole world will scramble to see!

Restore interplanetary peace and
lead the Kairobot Corps to glory!

Pocket Clothier

Turn your friendly corner clothing shop
into a world-famous fashion hub!

Epic Astro Story
Pioneer the final frontier!
Meet aliens! Galactic glory awaits!

Game Dev Story

A game company simulation.
Manage your own game company, develop your own console, and hire your own staff. You're in charge--you decide! Aim for that million-selling hit in this unique simulation!

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