Frequently Asked Questions (Skyforce Unite!)

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. The purchase I made in Skyforce Unite! has not arrived.

A. There can sometimes be delays with the App Store payment system, and in some cases this may make purchases take some time to arrive.
Also, orders can sometimes be automatically cancelled. In this case you will receive an email from Apple regarding the cancellation.

If you have not received a cancellation email, you can try the steps below to see if you can receive your purchase in the app.

1. First, update the app to the latest version (open it in the App Store).
Also update the App Store app to the latest version.

2. Turn your device off and then turn it on again. Also check that your device's date and time are set correctly.

3. After restarting your device, confirm that you are logged in using the account that you use for the App Store.

4. Launch Skyforce Unite! and select
"Items" > "Get Medals" from the menu.
Then return to the main screen and wait for a short time.

* If performing the steps above does not result in your purchase being reflected in the app, please quit the app and retry step 4 after waiting for around 1 hour.

Q. The not get medals by "Earn Medal".

 A.I'm sorry to bother you, please try the following.

①Tap "Wairobot" or "Mysterious Caller" near the fountain.

②Select "Get Free Medals" and "Tapjoy".

③Tap "MissingMedal?" at the very bottom.

If the above does not resolve your issue, please you shut down the game and try the method of ③ after about one hour.

If Tapjoy do not answer your request about few days, please contact to our support.

Q. Can I transfer my game data if I get a new device?

A. It is possible to move your save data if you change the device of same OS.
When you move it please download the game of same language to your new device.
Please do not uninstall the game from your old device until you finish moving the save data.

Q. My save data has disappeared. Is it possible to get it back?

A. Save data is only stored locally on your device, and not on our servers. For this reason, if your save data is lost, there is unfortunately no way to get it back. We are deeply sorry.

Q. My screen is all black.

A. Try turning off your device and then turning it back on again.

Q. The app quits just after it starts up.

A. The game may not start if your device has been rooted or if you are using certain tools.
Also, please check whether a internet is connected.

Q. I am having an issue with the game.

A. In some cases, issues are solved by updates, so first be sure that you have updated to the latest version in the App Store.
If it happens again, make sure that your email settings allow you to receive email from the domain "".
Then please send an email to support describing the issue you are experiencing in detail.

Q. How do I start a new game?

A. You can start a new game by deleting and then reinstalling the app.
However, please note that any tickets or items you have purchased will be lost.

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